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Learning Disabilities

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Aims of the service

Eildon provides a range of housing, care and support solutions for people with learning disabilities who may wish to have a home of their own or to live with relatives or to share with others. There may be a need for 24-hour care and support, regular assistance from visiting staff or occasional support to deal with specific things.

Eildon Housing Association provides Housing, Care and Support services to assist people with learning disabilities to live with dignity and fulfilment in their own homes or in homely settings within their local communities. The Association also works with other specialist agencies to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities.

Who can apply?

Applications for housing are welcome from anyone who wants to live in the Scottish Borders. A choice based system of allocation is used and for most properties applications should be made using a Borders Choice Homes housing application form.

What services are being offered?

Some people need care and/or support in their daily lives and others only need help from time to time. Eildon provides care and support directly for some people and works in partnership with other agencies to assist others.

For example:

  • Eildon’s Outreach Service visits some people regularly to provide care and support funded by Scottish Borders Council Social Work.
  • Other specialist agencies provide Care and Support to some Eildon tenants. Several small clusters of homes are designated for supported living with care services being provided by various agencies, including Eildon Care and Support at Station Avenue in Duns.
  • Eildon can sometimes help people with particular housing requirements. For example a group of friends with learning disabilities wanted to live close to one another, for mutual support, while having the independence of separate tenancies in self contained properties. Eildon worked with them to establish what they needed and wanted and then built housing accordingly.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary depending on the particular provision. For many people part or all of the housing and support costs can be met from benefits. Scottish Borders Council may contribute to care costs and some people receive funding from the Independent Living Fund.

How to obtain more information

For further information about any of the options contact the Care Services Co-ordinator at Eildon.

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