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Meet Our PA’s

Meet Our PA’s

Together we have collectively been working for EHA for 33 years and our jobs have changed significantly in that time. From taking shorthand, drafting letters, writing up notes of meetings and organising the Executive Team’s diaries. These days we are more likely to be creating reports or press releases, carrying out research and PR duties such as organising events. Our tasks can be quite diverse meaning there is never a dull day which makes our jobs varied and interesting.

Supporting the Chief Executive and the Executive Team requires a flexible approach, a need to be self-motivated, reactive, efficient and above all organised. We used to write everything down and make endless ‘To Do Lists’, nowadays we create events in Outlook Calendars, use our electronic planners and set up alerts so that we don’t forget anything. We are keeping up to date by embracing the digital transformation which is taking place and working smarter using the new technology available. Things have thankfully come a long way since we both started work using the electric typewriters, telex and fax machines!

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