Life-changing move for Dorothy and Bill

Life-changing move for Dorothy and Bill

Dorothy and Bill Hogg recently moved into one of Eildon Housing Association’s newest developments which has just been completed in the picturesque village of Denholm near Hawick.

Dorothy explained that before moving she and her husband Bill, had lived in another Eildon property also in Denholm, in a flat, but had requested a move due to her failing health. Dorothy is waiting on a lung transplant as she as only 25% lung capacity and needs to take oxygen 15 hours a day and found living in her old flat which was 19 steps up, no longer suitable.

She said, “I felt like a prisoner in my own home as I was no longer able to manage the steps and therefore felt trapped. Moving to this new bungalow has helped to change our lives around as we now have a driveway at the front door which means I can get out more, but the best thing for us is the garden. It is great to be able to step outside and have fresh air.”

Dorothy added that another bonus is having the support of her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who are living close by so she feels much more secure. Bill explained that he works part-time so that he can help care for Dorothy and they are just waiting on the transplant operation that she needs. He says his life has improved too because of the new house layout which makes all the everyday things so much easier.

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