Eildon shows support for paying a wage that meets the cost of living

Eildon shows support for paying a wage that meets the cost of living

Having become an accredited Living Wage employer in 2016 and being one of a pioneering group of nearly 3000 employers paying the real Living Wage, we are pleased to announce that we will be increasing our hourly rate of pay in line with the Living Wage Foundation’s newly recommended rate as of 1 April 2017. The real Living Wage is independently calculated based on what employees and their families need to get by. The new rates as announced by the Living Wage Foundation on 31 October, will apply to all our staff.

Nile Istephan, Chief Executive, said: “Come 1 April 2017, 23 of our staff will receive an increase in pay which will amount to at least 2.5% increase to their annual salary. This not only helps our employees afford to live with dignity but also helps our business by improving motivation, and retaining and attracting a quality workforce.”

Annmarie Borthwick, Support Worker at Eildon’s Station Avenue which provides care and support solutions for people with learning disabilities, said: “Being on the Living Wage has made a huge difference to my life and for my kids. The increase in income from my last job has meant that we can buy our first home and also have extra money to do more with the kids. I love my job and having a bit more money is an added bonus for us.”

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said: “Business by business and organisation by organisation our employers are voluntarily choosing to close the pay gap in the UK between what people need to live on and the government minimum that every employer has to pay. Today’s increase in the real Living Wage will mean thousands of employees around the country will get a much needed increase to their pay packet to help them meet the cost of living. That’s the difference paying the real Living Wage makes. During Living Wage Week we celebrate the leadership of those great Living Wage employers who make this possible.”

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