Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!

Every edition of the Eildon tenant’s quarterly newsletter, ‘Connect’, is prepared, designed and sent in-house.  The newsletter is our opportunity to update and feedback to you on our performance and events over the quarter, as well as any other information which we think you may find useful and interesting.

To help us improve on the services we deliver we are always interested in hearing your feedback and as such, we would like to know what you think of ‘Connect’.

  • Do you enjoy reading Connect?
  • Are the articles of interest to you?
  • What information would you like to see included in future editions?

We are also conscious about how we use our resources and the impact we have as an organisation on our local environment; if you currently receive Connect by post but would like to receive it by email please let us know by emailing the address below.

You can submit your feedback and ideas to our Customer Engagement Officer, Ally Ramage at or on 01750 724076 .

We look forward to hearing from you!

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