Luxurious Pampering Sessions at Riverside House

Luxurious Pampering Sessions at Riverside House

Thanks to some quick thinking by Housing Officer Lauren Upton, our tenants at Riverside House have been enjoying luxurious pampering sessions at Riverside House in Peebles, for free.    Lauren explained that three of her friends Louise, Julie and Sarah who attend Borders College studying Beauty Therapy Level 2 had put a plea out on Facebook looking for volunteers to practise on for their manicures, hand and arm massages and facials.  Lauren suggested the idea of asking our tenants at Riverside House to Kathleen Ewart, Co-ordinator, to see if it would appeal and the answer was a resounding yes!

The girls have been attending since November last year, and the experience has been mutually rewarding for the trainee beauticians and all the tenants who have attended.  Not only do our tenants receive a free beauty pampering treatment, Lauren provides the cakes!  One of the girls who attends, Sarah, sometimes brings her little daughter Mollie along with her and the tenants enjoy having her company during the sessions.

The girls have realised that there could even be a business proposal in the making for them, by attending sheltered developments and care homes, they can offer treatments to tenants who may not find it easy to get about so that they enjoy their facials, manicures and hand and arm massages in the luxury of their own homes.

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