Fire Safety Statement

Following the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected, and we are taking this opportunity to reassure our tenants and their families of our ongoing commitment to health and safety across every home we provide.

While we do not own, or manage any multi-storey blocks, we do have a number of flatted properties and we take fire safety responsibilities very seriously. Staff across all our locations have fire safety training and our health and safety team meet regularly to discuss relevant issues.

Our routine compliance work, such as servicing fire alarms, meets health and safety legislation and manufacturers requirements and we have an ongoing programme of stock condition surveys to ensure we have the most up to date information about our properties. Our housing and maintenance officers have been instructed to be extra vigilant in their routine property inspections and are available should you have any concerns around identifying potential safety hazards.

We are also reminding tenants to be aware of their obligations to not block fire exits or means of escape. Please remember that under no circumstances should there be any items left in communal areas or corridors which may cause an obstruction. To do so would be a breach of your tenancy agreement.

We can also assure you that we do not have any properties that contain the cladding that was used at Grenfell Tower and all materials that we use meet Scottish building standards and regulations.

All our properties have smoke detectors fitted in individual homes and communal areas; if you cannot locate your alarm or it is not working please let us know by calling 03000 200 217. It is your responsibility to check your smoke detector, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service recommend that checks are carried out weekly.

You can help to reduce the risk of fire in your home by:

  • Keeping stairs and any communal areas free from obstructions
  • Testing your fire alarm weekly to ensure it is working – under no circumstances should you remove the batteries from your fire alarm
  • Planning and practicing an escape route with everyone in your household
  • Being aware of the fire evacuation plan in your building
  • Switching off electrical appliances at the plug socket
  • Not overloading electrical sockets
  • Ensuring candles are in a suitable holder, not near curtains or anything else flammable
  • Ensuring cigarettes and candles etc. are fully extinguished and never left unattended
  • Closing all doors – this can help stop a fire spreading

The Scottish Fire and Rescue service provide free home fire safety visits, with advice and guidance on what to do in an emergency, this can be arranged by:

They also have a range of useful leaflets providing you with information, which can be found at .

If you have any concerns or are unsure about your role as a tenant or our role as your landlord, please speak to your housing officer; contact us on 03000 200 217 or through our website
You can find out who your housing officer is at;

We will continue to monitor all the relevant advice as investigations develop, and will take any actions necessary to ensure that the safety and best interests of all our customers remains our key priority.

Nile Istephan

Chief Executive

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