Eildon Makes a Difference With The ‘Friends of Dovecot’

Eildon Makes a Difference With The ‘Friends of Dovecot’

On the afternoon of Wednesday 26 July, five staff from Eildon Housing Association dropped in to Dovecot Court to give a half day’s voluntary work as part of the company’s ‘Eildon Makes a Difference’ volunteering programme.

The successful voluntary scheme, which has been in existence for two years, allows staff to spend a half day at work each year volunteering rather than undertaking their normal duties.

Mr Bert Ferguson (pictured second from the right) lives at Dovecot Court and is Chair of the Friends of Dovecot group. The Friends of Dovecot are a group of volunteers who come together to plan and deliver regular social events and activities for the residents and their friends and family. The group was successful in a bid for funding from the Peebles Common Good fund to carry out work on the communal garden area and have spent the last few months making improvements to encourage more residents to make use of the space.

Eildon staff were keen to lend a helping hand and spent the afternoon transferring the five tons of topsoil in wheelbarrow loads over to the flowerbeds as well as helping fill a new raised bed which will hopefully make it easier for green-fingered residents to enjoy the benefits of gardening.

Bert Ferguson commented: “A big thank you to the Eildon staff for their hard work. The Friends of Dovecot were really lucky to receive support from the Peebles Common Good Fund to make these improvements and our members have been busy in the garden over the last few months installing new benches, planters and flowers. It’s been a real team effort, has made a huge difference and the work of the Eildon volunteers helped add the finishing touches.”

Eildon staff member, Agnes Bell added “It was hard work but really worthwhile. We know how much the Friends of Dovecot do for the residents at Dovecot Court week in week out so we jumped at the chance to offer what help we could.”

Nile Istephan, Eildon’s CEO said: “This was a great opportunity for Eildon staff to help our tenants and the Friends of Dovecot to add the final touches to this wonderful garden. The ‘Eildon Makes a Difference’ initiative has proved very popular with our staff and I am delighted we could make a positive contribution in this way.”

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