Meet Our Finance Team

Meet Our Finance Team

This week we are introducing our Finance team as part of #MeetOurTeamMonday.

The Finance team are responsible for recording all of our income and expenditure transactions which is in the region of £34m per year.

They work collaboratively across all departments, in a variety of ways. In a typical year they will process in the region of: 1,955 salary payments to employees, 43,481 rent transactions and 286 payments to suppliers.

Our Finance Team operate within strict financial procedures and internal controls, ensuring the integrity of our financial data and work closely with our partners such, as banks and regulatory bodies to ensure we are providing the required information.

Annually the team produce Group Financial Statements which adhere to relevant financial legislation, these are published and can be found on our website

Quarterly, daily and individual reports are provided by the team to enable decision making at operational and strategic levels.

They are a friendly bunch who are approachable and happy to discuss the work they do with anyone that may have an interest.

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