Oakwood Park – Going for Gold!

Oakwood Park – Going for Gold!

We caught up with Oakwood Park tenants Betty Brown, Enid & Bill Johnston, Bob Brown, Jenny Pearson and Ian Heatlie (whose mum Marion lives at Oakwood Park) to hear all about their latest gardening project.

Catriona Liddy, Assistant Co-ordinator at Oakwood Park, explained, “The tenants got together as early as January this year to start making plans for their garden. Last year they entered ‘Galashiels in Bloom’ competition and got a silver award, but this year they thought they could do even better, and their aim is to go for gold!”

Lynne Thomson, Co-ordinator at Oakwood Park, explained that the garden has been a great way to bring the tenants together to plan and discuss and all have taken an active part in the process. Catriona, herself a keen gardener, confirmed that they had bought all the plants and seeds locally, and every week tenants had been adding to it by planting: sweet peas, begonias, petunias, verbena, geraniums, lobelia, hostas and flamingo trees.

Betty Brown mentioned that she likes to help with the watering and feeding, watering the window boxes on the balcony and had painted the raised boxes blue in time for the competition. Ian Heatlie, Marion’s son, also likes to help out by watering the garden daily.

Jenny Pearson admitted, “I am not the not the most knowledgeable gardener, but I am enthusiastic and like nothing better than to plant and wait and see what happens.”

Marion Heatlie who was on holiday had left a message saying how much pleasure she had got working in the garden, planting it up and seeing how nice it looks. Gladys Mein and Beatrice Simpson, also part of the planting team, had left messages to say how much satisfaction they had got from seeing the change from the initial planting to the finish, just in time for the competition.

Laura Green who works at Oakwood Park said, “The garden looks fantastic with its new garden benches and at night time it takes on a new look with the new fairy lights that we have added.”

The tenants wanted to thank Catriona for helping them with their garden, coming in even on her day off to help, as well as Lee Brown who also came in on his day off to pressure clean the patio. It has truly been a team effort and we wish them every success for gold.

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