Eildon Reports Improved Satisfaction With Service

Eildon Housing Association have published our Performance Report for 2016/17, and we are pleased to report a 6% increase in customer satisfaction levels reported on our overall service – an impressive score of 91.7% of tenants satisfied.

The full report has been made available to all of our customers, either by email or a hard copy in the post, and can be viewed on our website – here.

We are required by the Scottish Housing Regulator to make this information available to our customers. This year we have again worked with our strategic customer groups to pull this information together in a user friendly format, and we would like to thank those that helped us with this for their input.

We are proud that, across most areas, our reported performance has improved over the year, and that we compare very favourably with the Scottish average as reported through the Scottish Housing Regulator.

In some areas, an already high performance score has increased substantially. For example, we have seen an amazing 20% increase in customers who are satisfied with the opportunities given to participate in our decision making process. This is particularly gratifying as have focussed heavily on this area over the last year and as a result have launched our ‘Better as One’ approach to customer engagement. This is a very ambitious range of activities that will enable our customers to engage with us in a way that suits their individual circumstances. We are very excited about the possibilities that this opens up for our work over the next few years.

We have also set out those areas where we believe we need to focus our efforts and respond to areas where customers have told us our service could be improved, and we have clear plans in place to address these issues over the coming year. In particular, we plan to introduce a repairs appointment service during 2018 as a result of feedback that we have received.

This is an exciting time of growth and development for the Eildon Group and the communities that we serve. We are working hard to develop new homes and services and also to constantly improve the services we offer to all of our customers. This performance report demonstrates that we are making good progress, but we are ambitious to work with our customers to continue and expand this work.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can engage with us on these issues please telephone our Customer Service Coordinator on 01750 724076 or email us on

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