5-Year Strategy Customer Consultation

We’re developing a new 5-year Strategy for Eildon and we’d like your help.

Our 5-year Strategy is the most important planning tool for the future of the company and as customers you are uniquely placed to give your views on what we do.

The link below will take you to an online survey with a few short questions, but if you would like a printed copy, or would prefer to discuss this with our Customer Engagement Officer then please find contact details below – as we are looking to gather as much feedback as possible.

Our current Strategy, (please find a link to this here) is based around four key Themes and driven by our Core Values in the box below.

Strategic Themes:

Modernising Systems – making sure we’re set up to take advantage of new technologies and ensuring we’re moving with the times to enhance the services we provide to you.

Customer Focus – continuous improvement of services and making sure that you, our customers, are at the heart of everything we do.

Value for Money – balancing the need to improve homes and services with keeping costs to you affordable.

Empowering Staff – our staff are the key element in delivering high quality services and we want to ensure that they have the scope to realise their potential for the benefit of our customers.

Core Values:

Caring: We care about what we do, the people we work with and the customers we serve.

Committed: We work together to provide affordable, high quality homes, care and support services.

Connected: We are part of the communities we serve and believe we can make a real difference

Creative: We are ready to meet the challenges of the future with enthusiasm and new ideas.

Please find the short survey here.. 5-Year Strategy Customer Consultation

Please get in touch with Lita our Customer Engagement Officer if you would prefer to chat through your response over the phone, if you would prefer a printed version or if you have any related questions.

If you would like to have a chance to give your views on things like this more often, give Lita a call or an email to find out more about the wide range of ways customers can get involved.

Lita McHale, Customer Engagement Officer

Email: Mobile: 07810 123 201 Tel: 01750 724887

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