Rent Increase Proposal – Have you taken part?

We are seeking the views of as many customers as possible about the proposed rent increase. The consultation is running from now until the 18th January. Our Customer Engagement Officer, Lita, will be out and about with Housing Officers – speaking with customers across the Scottish Borders about the proposed rent increase.

We would like to thank all customers who have completed the consultation and would encourage all customers taking part to provide honest feedback in relation to the proposal. This information will be shared with the Eildon Board, so they are able to reach a more fully informed decision about the proposed increase.

Please get in touch through the contact details below if you have any questions relating to the questionnaire, or if you would prefer to provide feedback over the phone or talk about this in person.

Please find a link to the information leaflet which contains further details and a link to the online survey here…. (link to document attached which could be uploaded to the library)

Telephone: 03000 200 217 Email:

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