Youth Group paint their way around Peebles

Youth Group paint their way around Peebles

An exciting mural project has been taking shape on the fence that surrounds the vacant site of the former Tweedbridge Court. Eildon Housing Association and Hart Builders Ltd have been working in partnership with the Peebles youth led organisation Tweeddale Youth Action, and local artists Ross MacRae and Michael Jessing, to recreate local landmarks from around Peebles.

Eildon’s Chief Executive Nile Istephan said, ‘It’s been a fantastic collaboration with pupils from the Youth Group getting to work alongside two very talented artists from the area, learning and developing new skills. I hope the finished mural will give the pupils a sense of pride and confidence in what they can accomplish. My thanks to Ross and Michael for bringing our ideas to life and sharing their expertise.’

Ross MacRae commented, “I think the mural project is an excellent idea and brightens up and gives life to the walkway along the Tweed.”

“It has been brilliant having the Youth Group involved and they have been instrumental in helping to create the stencils that link the different panels together. Massive thanks go to the Tweeddale Youth Group for their help.  It is great to have community involvement and to give something back to Peebles.”

“There has been a great response so far from passers-by who have commented they are glad to see the pictures of our local landmarks brightening up this area.”

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