Eildon Celebrates Spruce Up at Teviot Court

Eildon Celebrates Spruce Up at Teviot Court

We celebrated the completion of a ‘spruce up’ project at Teviot Court in Hawick by opening our doors to all tenants, friends and relatives to show off the new changes which have recently taken place.  The new décor now includes bright colour-coded dementia friendly signage throughout the building.

Eildon’s Chief Executive Nile Istephan said “Teviot Court is such a happy, sociable place with a great bunch of tenants so it’s great to have this get together to thank everyone for helping us with this, the first of a series of signage projects that we have planned.  We decided to start off with Teviot Court as it is a complex building to navigate and we knew it would make a big difference. We wanted to take this time to thank our tenants for their patience while this project was carried out and for all the useful feedback they have given us along the way.”

“Our intention is to continue this project by decorating the corridors with a selection of photographs showing the social history of Hawick which, as well as providing decoration, will also trigger conversations and memories for tenants, family members, staff, carers and visitors. If anyone interested has any good photos of life in Hawick from the 1950s onwards, that you would be willing to share, we would be very interested to hear from you.  The intention is to have large canvases made of those photographs to give the finishing touch to this project.  We intend to roll out the same theme at all our sheltered developments. “

Mr Jack Marples, a tenant of Teviot Court commented, “I think the new signage is superb.  I live on the bottom floor which is now painted with bright yellow, so it is nice and cheery, and the new colour coding helps people find their way around the building.  I have lived in Teviot Court for 17 years and would not want to live anywhere else!  The work that has been done has transformed the building with this lovely new decoration.”

Fellow tenant, Mr Grieve Dalgleish added, “The new colours and dementia-friendly signage are much easier to read, and soon every tenant will have their names clearly on their doors, which will be great.”

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