A Life-Changing Move

A Life-Changing Move

We met up with Faye who with her husband Brian and family recently moved into one of our new fully wheelchair accessible bungalows at Somerville Way, Jedburgh.

Faye explained that moving into this new home has been a godsend for the whole family as one of her sons, Kerr, has special and complex needs.

Faye explained, “Before we were living in a house in Jedburgh which over time, as Kerr was growing up, was becoming increasingly more difficult to manage for us. Kerr had a bedroom downstairs, but our only bathroom was upstairs. By the time he was 15, we were finding it very difficult and also dangerous to support him going up the stairs.”

“I happened to find out that Eildon were building new houses in Jedburgh and I asked Kerr’s Occupational Therapist if she could find out if we would be eligible for a wheelchair bungalow. Fortunately for us, we were, and this new house could not be better. We initially met with Eildon’s Development Project Manager, Kevin Scott, who showed us the detailed plans and suggested changing Kerr’s bedroom window for French doors, so he could get outside more easily.”

Fay continued, “We are all so looking forward to the summer, as the garden at our old house was on three different levels and last summer we could not take Kerr out at all. This new home has an accessible garden and we can easily take Kerr outside from his bedroom. He absolutely loves being outside and this change will be a great help with his physiotherapy and ability to try new things. He was given rugby/football posts at Christmas and he loves to throw the ball over.”

Listening to Faye, it is clear that the difference to this family’s daily lives is night and day and the improvements for everyone are immense. Faye explained how Kerr was very excited about the move, although he finds change difficult, but is really taking time to settle and gaining confidence daily, having the ability to move freely in his wheelchair around the home. Faye said “Kerr is now trying to do things on his own in this open layout which could never happen before, his confidence and independence is growing thanks to the design of this fantastic home.”

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