Quality Homes available now in Newcastleton

We have some quality 3-bedroom homes available now for rent in Newcastleton.


We have, in conjunction with Newcastleton’s Community Council, developed a new local lettings initiative which gives priority to people who can demonstrate a local connection with the village.

This new local lettings initiative gives ‘Platinum Priority’ to applicants:

  • who already live in Newcastleton and who wish to move to alternative accommodation in the village,
  • and to applicants who have a specific need to move to the village to provide support to family members or to access employment.

Applicants who can demonstrate a local connection with Newcastleton will be allowed to under-occupy accommodation by one bedroom, for example single people and couples would be considered for 2-bedroom properties etc.

If you are interested in one of those properties, or know of someone locally who would be, please contact Alva Solley on 03000 200 217 or  email   

For a virtual tour of three of the available properties at Moss Place, click on the  links below: 

9  Moss Place –

17 Moss Place-

21 Moss Place –


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