Report a Repair

Reporting a repair is easy with Eildon Housing. See below for emergency and routine repairs. For more detailed information, please read your Tenant Handbook.

Is your repair an emergency?

Gas smell:

Ring Scottish Gas immediately on 0800 111 999

Power cut:

Call Scottish Power on 0800 092 9290

Water supply failure:

Call Scottish Water on 0845 600 8855

Emergency Repairs:

(e.g. lift breakdown, burst pipes, broken windows) 

Call the Eildon Repair Line on 03000 200 217, and select option 1.

Note: If you call outside office hours, you’ll be transferred to our out-of-hours service. A tradesman on standby will carry out your repair.

Non-emergency repairs

(e.g. adjusting windows, fixing kitchen cabinet, renewing washers)

To report a non-emergency repair, please email us by clicking HERE. Please include a contact telephone number in your email as we will need to call you about your repair.

Or you can contact us during office hours on 03000 200 217.

Repairs fall into different categories with different target times, as follows:

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