Your rent and service charges

Rents for our properties are set using the Eildon Housing Association Rent Policy. A rent policy is a legal requirement for all registered housing associations.

We are a non-profit organisation We have to charge a basic rent to cover our costs. These include:

  • One-off repairs and maintenance
  • Regular maintenance
  • Provision for covering future major repairs and modernisation
  • Loan charges
  • Housing administration

Our Rent Policy takes account of our business requirements, good value for tenants and rents charged by similar landlords.

Rent and service charge information

We set a basic rent each year for our most common house type which is a single person flat with a separate bedroom.

Rents are reviewed in April each year, in line with our Rent Policy.

We use this as a basis, then apply a formula to take account of size of property, flat or house, number of bedrooms, and other elements. This gives the basic rent for each property.

From 1 April 2023, for most tenants, basic rent increased by 7%.


If you’re a general tenant, you will have a single rent charge which includes service charges for:

  • common grounds maintenance
  • cleaning of communal areas
  • electrical supplies in common areas