Get involved

We have a wide range of opportunities for you to get involved to help shape services that directly affect you.


Have your say

Over many years, Eildon has been encouraging customers to have their say on the way their services are delivered. As we continue to increase the number of homes and services we provide, it is more important than ever that we make sure that our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

You can get involved in a variety of ways

  • Help shape any major changes that have a direct impact on customers.
  • Topic based approach.
  • As part of this group, you would get together to discuss a range of things and can drop in and out at any time depending on your interests.


  • How we’re performing,
  • Consultation design and results
  • Policy and strategy review work
  • Focus groups will help us bring groups of customers together to discuss and shape the decisions that affect you, and the services you receive.
  • Our aim is to hear from more customers about the important things we’re planning and doing.
  • Views provided here will help inform the Customer Voice group and ultimately the way services are delivered.

We have an established group of over 80 customers. The COG is a good option for you to choose if you are busy and can’t commit a lot of your time. We e-mail or post out consultation information and questions to the group and you can respond at a time that suits you.

The information gathered from this group helps inform our decisions and shape services.

Get right to the heart of how services are delivered and tell us about your experience of how we’re performing. We provide full training to interested customers.

The types of activities you would be involved with will vary, but there will be clear guidance provided from the onset for each project.

Taking part in an estate walkabout lets you meet our team members and work together to improve the local area.

We want to work with you to solve problems and to spot things before they become issues in the first place.

We hold these meetings in new developments (in person or online) after the a settling in visit or phone call.

Meetings provide the opportunity for you to meet with your neighbours and key members of our team to raise and make suggestions for improvement to the area you live in.

Our sessions are held at supported accommodation, generally in person, to discuss service changes or introductions that directly impact on customers in the development.