High Buckholm, Galashiels

A new 52 home development which will be released in phases. The first 11 homes are now rented with the next phases due in 2023 and 2024.

The Borders reaps the benefits of energy efficient homes in Galashiels

Eleven new ‘energy efficient’ homes were completed in June 2022, as we released the first phase at High Buckholm in Galashiels. Buckholm Burn Court, developed by Buckholm Ltd, is part of a phased project with a further 12 homes completing in summer 2023, 14 homes in late 2023 and the remaining 15 homes to be completed mid-2024.

This development has so far been a fantastic success for the Border’s economy, with locally sourced materials and trades used throughout.

Jewson grab lorries parked at night Jewson grab lorries parked at night

This project has created strong support for our jobs from within the local area as well as huge demand for construction material, which has meant reducing the environmental impact, as we source and buy locally. I would highly recommend this approach which has been mutually beneficial for all parties

Niall Cloughley

Branch manager – Jewson’s