Eildon donates excess office furniture to Hawick Men’s Shed

Having an office refit and modernisation meant that we were left with some excess office furniture which we decided to make available, for free, to local voluntary organisations.

Nile Istephan, Eildon’s Chief Executive said, “We thought having an office refurb would be a good opportunity to donate our excess furniture to local charities and voluntary organisations, and we were very glad this time to donate three large cupboards and some filing cabinets to the Hawick Men’s Shed. Having previously given furniture and office equipment to Men’s Sheds in Galashiels, Selkirk and Kelso – we know donations like this can be of great benefit to the Shedders and we are delighted to help out in this way.”

Keith Torrington, Chairman of the Hawick Men’s Shed said, “The filing cabinets and cupboards from Eildon Housing really could not have come to us at a better time. We are also in the process of making lots of changes and improvements to our Shed, and we have now managed to safely store away lots of tools and equipment in tidy order thanks to the generous space in the cabinets.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought lots of challenges for the Hawick Shed, but they are very keen to get things up and running again for next year. Keith added, “We have lots of new and exciting projects planned such as: sewing, joinery, crafts, painting, wine-making club and even computer gaming. We have a well-equipped kitchen and ideally we are looking for someone to give cookery demonstrations for members who have lost their spouses and need a bit of help and support in the kitchen. Anyone over 18 can join the Hawick Shed, male or female, for as little as £25 a year.”