Jackanory time at Frank Scott Court

As the festival programme for this year’s Borders Book Festival officially launched last week, Eildon as sponsors, marked the occasion by spreading the joy of books across the generations.

Supported housing tenants at Frank Scott Court in Hawick were excited to welcome the local nursery class from Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Primary School.

The session was dedicated to the enjoyment of books and storytelling and was organised to promote inter-generational access to books and learning. This interactive session tied in with the weekly Opportunities for Active Lives programme (OPAL) in conjunction with Eildon Housing and fellow charity Cyrenians.

Story time at Frank Scott Court

The OPAL programme helps to maintain and improve social connections and independence and takes place across all Eildon’s supported and extra care developments. This visit certainly helped with that. All ages watched and listened intently to a recording of ‘Scaredy Bat’ by Jonathan Meres (one of the many children’s books recommended by the Borders Book Festival) and then by special request, Elaine C Smith’s reading the ‘Glasgow Gruffalo’.

Armed with a library book of their choice, each child also had a story read to them by a tenant from Frank Scott Court.

Drumlanrig nursery schoolteacher Jan Wilson said, “The children absolutely loved their time at Frank Scott Court and spoke about it all the way back to nursery. It was so lovely to see young and old come together, through the enjoyment of stories and books. It absolutely melted my heart to see some of our children step out of their comfort zone, and shine like they did today. We really look forward to our next visit!”

Nile Istephan, Eildon’s Chief Executive added, “We value our continued relationship with the Borders Book Festival, and have more activities planned across our supported and extra care sites in the Borders through this successful programme with Cyrenians. It is such a positive and worthwhile thing to do, and sharing books is an ideal way to bring inter-generational communities together. I want to give a big thank you to the staff and pupils from Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Primary School.”