Your car parking

Wherever possible we provide car parking for you as a resident and your visitors at our developments. These are communal or allocated spaces to specific properties. In some areas there are garages to rent, and a few properties have garages attached.

We are responsible for the maintenance of communal parking areas and the exterior of garages we own. We are also responsible for communication with the local authority about adopted areas.

As a resident, parking areas are provided for your cars or motorcycles. Permission must be sought from us to park or store a caravan, trailer, boat, or any other belongings within these areas.

Vehicles abandoned on our property will be reported to the local authority/or the DVLA and removed if appropriate.

If you have a disability or severely limited mobility, we will ensure that parking is available as close as possible to your home. Disabled spaces will be clearly marked, and should only be used by those who display a blue badge.

Any alleged misuse of our parking areas will be investigated by your Housing Officer.

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