Repairs & Maintenance

Your rent includes a contribution towards the cost of repair and maintenance at your home.

Depending on the kind of work involved, Eildon Housing is responsible for some jobs, and you are responsible for others.

Who’s responsible for repairs and maintenance?

The information below is for general guidance only. Please refer to your Tenant Handbook for a full list.

In general, Eildon Housing Association is responsible for bigger jobs, including:

  • damage caused by storms, flooding, fire, break-in or vandalism (but not your personal items)
  • repairs to new properties in the first year after being built
  • repair and maintenance of external and communal areas
  • larger facilities and fittings

Your repair and maintenance responsibilities include items such as:

  • accidental damage caused by your, your household or visitors
  • personal possessions
  • individual fittings and equipment
  • smaller consumables
  • flooring and decoration

This is only a snapshot. Please see the full list in the Tenant Handbook.

You can report a repair by phone or online. Click Report A Repair for more information.

For planned maintenance, Eildon Housing Association contractors may need access to your home. See Planned Maintenance.

For information about major upgrades to properties, see our Modernisation Programme.

If you’re living in the Scottish Borders, over 60 or have a disability, and need help with general handyperson jobs or adaptations in your home, click Borders Care & Repair.

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