Selkirk Community Shed

Connected to our Communities – Selkirk Community Shed

Eildon recently donated the large white display shelves that used to sit in reception at the Weaving Shed to the local Selkirk Community Shed.

The shelves now take pride of place at the Selkirk Community Shed and are being used to showcase some of the fantastic work that is being crafted there, including some intricate scroll woodwork but they also make garden benches, bird houses, planters to name a few.

Nick De Burgh Whyte, was keen to explain that the shelves only give a hint of what actually happens at the shed –  as there are so many interesting and exciting initiatives going on.  He explained “We have broadened our offerings at the Shed to tap into a bigger slice of the Selkirk community, and we see the Community Shed as an antidote to social isolation. We now have 97 members – a third are female. “

Nick added, “We offer a range of activities such as welding, how to make decorative glass, or do upholstery.  We link in with other local community projects like Sustainable Selkirk and run classes on how to maintain bikes, we link in with Rowlands Youth Project and Woodland Walks.   We are doing  lots of work with our neighbouring High School.  We are very excited about our latest venture; inter-generational working with the S3 and S5 High School pupils who will be setting up a CIC with us –  a Community Interest Company.  This new business will involve making up kits from old wooden pallets which they transform into garden planters.  The plan is to sell them at £10 each and on that basis pupils are looking into all aspects of a business.  One of our members who is an accountant will explain book-keeping. They will have to look into production, stock control, quality control, how to create their letterhead, Facebook and website – the whole business –  and any profits made will go to the School and the Shed.”








We also link in with the horticulture curriculum at the High School and pupils come across to tend to their gardens, to propagate and plant their seeds.  And last but not least, we now have 6 rescue hens.  We have members who come every day to feed, look after and tend to them.  It is a great reason to leave the house and avoid social isolation.”

John one of the members said, “The shed is a great place for me to come. Especially after the last 18 months when everyone has been cut off socially. We were scared the shed would not re-open as we see it as a life-line.”

Eildon’ Chief Executive Nile Istephan added, “It is really heartening to hear about the inspiring work that is going on right on our doorstep at the Selkirk Shed, and if we can help in any way like donating excess office furniture we are only too delighted.  We are really keen to support community projects such as this, and we recently donated office items to the Hawick Shed too.”