Tattie Howking Competition at Wilkie Gardens in Galashiels

Staff and tenants, with some help from the local girl guides, held a Tattie Howking Competition at Wilkie Gardens in Galashiels.










Mandy Johnston, Extra Care Manager at Wilkie Gardens explained “The Tattie howking competition took place on a Sunday with the “gals” in first place winning a tattie masher, the “gofers” (the staff) winning second, with a silver spoon and the “guys” winning the wooden spoon. A really great afternoon was had by all – kindly assisted by the local Girl Guides.”

Rev. Haisley Moore a tenant at Wilkie Gardens who organised the event said, “We were winners – one and all! And shall share and celebrate with a communal meal of Bangers & Mash!  ​​​​​​​Big thanks go to our carer Fiona and her Girl Guides who were a huge help and are already replacing the tatties with strawberry plants, either side of a delightful display of Winter Pansies.”

Rev. Moore added “We also planted tiny seeds which have now grown into magnificent sunflowers.  This one pictured we think might well be a record breaker – as it is a whopping 2.7 metres!