Meet Our IT Team

Meet Our IT Team

Our IT Support team is made up of three IT Support Officers and the IT Manager. Supporting our users is a very important part of what we do, with Support Officers dealing with around 80 reactive support issues each week.

The team covers varying roles such as identifying the technology which is the most appropriate for meeting the business needs. This would typically involve specifying equipment ranging from network servers, workstations, telephone systems to the latest tablets and smartphones.

In addition to purchasing, deploying and supporting the business’s use of the latest technologies, the team need to ensure that these systems are always available for use by colleagues across the organisation. Staff who provide important customer services are dependent on a range of technologies and the availability of these systems are an important part of the high-quality customer service colleagues provide.

One of the most vital tasks our team has is working to ensure our systems are secure from the many cyber security threats that all businesses face. Data protection and data loss prevention are a very high priority for all IT professionals and the extent of Eildon’s investment in supporting their IT Team is evidence of this fact.

We in the IT Team like to think we help Eildon provide quality homes for the people of the Borders but in our own way, and we can offer one piece of good IT advice…… have you tried turning it off and on again?

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